Today I stumbled upon an interesting band from Norway: Katzenjammer (MySpace, last.fm). They got an refreshing mix of genres combined with great vocals and quite some instruments. Besides that they are currently on tour and selling their debut album (Le Pop)… Definately worth to check out…

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  1. Katzenjammer is the best band ever! I fell in love with them the first time I saw a consert with them, and I have seen around 10 conserts with them uptil now!
    The music is awsome, and the girls are very nice persons too!

  2. Yeah, no doubt it’s fun to see them live. And looking at their tight schedule at the moment there might even be a chance to do so.

  3. They are awesome! Just wish I could find the CD at something other than rip-off pricing (E-Bay has some buy it now, for over $44). I’d love to purchase the CD here in the US (can purchase the mp3’s, but want the hard copy) so if anyone has a line on that, let me know the store that has them.

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