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So… jetzt gibt es dank “WordPress Mobile Edition” auch auf mobile Endgeräten eine vernünftig lesbare Variante dieses Blogs.

Ausserdem hab ich in der Sidebar mal einen QR-Code mit der codierten URL des Blogs eingefügt.

Zum Thema Matrixcodes/2D-Codes möchte ich auch noch einmal auf Semapedia verweisen, wo man Tags für Wikipedia Artikel generieren kann, die man das z.B. an das betreffende Objekt anbringen kann.

Serious DNS vulnerabilities – update for bind available

In the light of yesterday’s large coordinated release of DNS related updates to various products, I would like to point you to the updated bind packages in the portage tree.

  • net-dns/bind-9.4.2_p1 is currently being marked stable on all supported architectures
  • net-dns/bind-9.5.0_p1 has been committed with unstable keywords

Nameservers should be updated quite soon, since this issue should be considered serious.

A GLSA will be published after all security architectures have marked the affected package stable. The progress can be followed in bug #231201.

For more information have a look at the following links and the references therein:

Also note that if you are restricting the used outgoing ports of your nameserver by a firewall for example, this policy should be revisited.

Update 2008-07-11:
GLSA 200807-08 has just been released to address this issue.