Comment Spam

Back from vacation… and getting comment spam nearly daily at the moment I just installed MT-Blacklist which looks like a really nice plugin preventing spam using a regexp blacklist.

CCC calls for a boycott of the music industry

Just had to put this one on here 😉

Been a while

Been a while since I got to write the last time….
The Gentoo Installation didn’t last very long, because I lost the partitions probably because of some trouble with the new hard drive. I didn’t feel like trying it again yet and I have been kinda busy here lately…
Besides that I’ve been playing around with Gallery a little and might make a few pics public sometime. Oh and I finally set up an own DNS Server for the domain…

Finally running Linux on my desktop computer….

I finally switched to using Linux on my desktop pc… gentoo to be exact. Took me about a weekend to have the most important stuff set up, like GNOME, mozilla, tv and music apps etc. Right now it’s compiling, just like the last few hours 😉

Vorlon 1.1

… now with glasses 😉