Following some Gentoo security bugs

Since I have been using pine-maildir and there was a security update for pine but not pine-maildir I am following Bug #28877, but it doesn’t really seem to interest anyone.
Then yesterday this OpenSSL Security Advisory came out and I filed #29999, which was marked a duplicate of #30001 later. I just emerged the new ebuild for 0.9.6k which is still masked but works fine.
Finally I’m follwing #29893 about a vulnerability in Apache 2.0.47 & mod_cgi. The original bug can be found here at the Apache Bug Database.

CVS for configuration files, web pages, etc

I just started using CVS to keep track of the changes I make to various configuration files and the templates for this blog etc. Hopefully i got the discipline to keep using it and hopefully it will make it easier for me to remember what I changed when.
Btw, for this little purpose it actually seems quite easy to use ­čÖé